The Barefoot Revolution: Part 2. Go on take your trainers off!!

Just in case you missed it first time round!


Once again big thanks goes to guest blogger Anne ‘Wildbare’ Rosbottom for her personal insight into the transition to barefoot running and the benefits she has reaped as a result. I have had a bit of a blogging void over recent months and the news that Anne is heading down to London to embark on her own training as a bare foot running coach has inspired me to get back on mission to spread the word! Hopefully, anyone reading this will feel inspired to learn more and maybe even take of their shoes and have a go!!


Why run barefoot? by Anne “Wildbare” Rosbottom

About me: I am a long-time runner who has spent the last 2 years transitioning to a barefoot running technique. I have no specific qualifications to support the writing of these articles but they are probably no worse than the rest of the rubbish out there!

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