The Olympic torch!

Having a revamp of my blog and decided I couldn’t possibly send this post to the “trash” for ever…still brings tears to my eyes!

16.06.2012: what a very proud day for the Betts family! Dad had been chosen to fulfill a life long dream and carry the Olympic torch. He was one of a few Sport England torch bearers, selected for his 40 year crusade to bring volleyball to the masses of the North East of England!

getting off the bus!

Just in case we weren’t emotional enough, Mia Rathband blind folded in memory of her Dad passed the flame to my Dad. What a brave and inspirational 13 year old she is, apparently she hadn’t even told her family of her intention to experience the torch route as her late Dad would have!

Kissing torches

Dad ended up running the whole length of Seaburn sea front, straight past his child hood home where Gran, who is 96 next week, has lived for 71 years!

As we all struggled to keep up with him trying to take pictures, we soaked up the atmosphere of people waving and cheering. I had to stop and remind myself that this was a once in a life time experience and that we are so unbelievably privileged to have a loved one deemed worthy of carrying the Olympic flame on it’s journey from Athens to London.

Dad is a huge supporter of the Olympics and is reveling in the enthusiasm that people are showing for the torch relay. It would do him really proud if the London Olympics inspires people watching around the country to try a new sport….you never know volleyball might be the sport for you and your family!


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