I am a member  of Helsby Running club so tend to base my training round club nights.

Monday: speed work 6.30pm. Winter: castle park, Frodsham. Summer: grass track behind Helsby High school.

Tuesday: work

Weds: 8/9 mile winter road run or summer hill run from Helsby Community Sports club, 6.30pm.

Thurs: work or 5-6 mile run.

Fri: rest or 3-5 mile run.

Sat: Long run or race.

Sun: long run or race.


7 Responses to Training

  1. I’ve entered the village bakery 1/2 in feb and the northumberland 1/2 in march


    • Sat: nothing!
      Sun 18miles in 2hrs 25 mins from the Wheatsheaf with Geoff. This is my furthest run ever!! Tried the free gel from the goody bag at the 4villages after 12miles….I don’t know if it was psychological but I felt like I had more energy afterwards??

      Mon: Pilates at Frodsham Leisure centre. It’s really hard work out for abs and a bit too high level for me if I’m honest. I think the pilates purists would be horrified at my technique!!


  2. Tues: 10k around Frodsham marsh…I really like this route, it’s flat and fast and muddy in places but lots of birds and big ones! Quite fun watching the model planes taking off and landing!
    Had a massage from Alison at Forrest Hills and she found some very painful tight spots in my calves and hams….ouch! Felt great afterwards though, am definately going to add a regular massage to my marathon training.

    Weds: Hill reps up Belmonte, 4x shop-belmonte hotel.
    Thurs: rest.
    Fri: rest.
    Sat: 14.5 miles with stinking hangover and hideous weather (took me ages!).
    Sun: L&D x-country league, muddy Clarke gardens!! 5.93 miles 46.29mins.


  3. monday: evening clinic at Forest Hills so didn’t make pilates.
    tuesday: rest/DIY!!
    weds: 15.7miles in 2.14
    thurs: 4.14 miles in 40mins (was going to do hills but felt rubbish and legs like lead so could only manage a jog!)
    fri: rest/DIY
    sat: rest/DIY
    Sun: borers then ran home 17.35miles in 2.25
    It’s been a bit of a lazy week of training…..but our new kitchen is looking amazing!


  4. jane asbrook says:

    training has been going well over the last few weeks, managed a 2hr40 20 mile run with Geoff Shaw the other sunday. Today I was supposed to be doing a 24 miler but had to give up at 22.5!! I was absolutely spent! Was working this morning at Forest Hills so ran from there and managed to do a really hilly route, so thats my excuse for bottling out of the last few miles!!
    Had some tips from Mike about the next few weeks so should be sorted now for the build up to London. Race pack came in the post the other day and I’m feeling very excited….bring it on!


  5. Entered the four villages in Jan so need to up my milage now to go for that elusive sub-90!


    • Chris BH says:

      I’ll be going for the same Jane so I’ll try to keep up with you! Just hope the conditions are good and we don’t get a pile of snow and ice, although that would be fun!


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