Speed work for 10k training.

Here’s a selection of 6 speed/effort sessions designed to help you achieve a 10k pb. Try mixing and matching 2-3 speed sessions a week. During race weeks substitute your 3rd speed session for the race. If your week is a busy as mine and you struggle to get all the sessions in try substituting a speed session for a strength and conditioning session such as weights, circuits or core stability.

Don’t forget to include rest and recovery as an essential part of your training week.

1)     3 sets of:

3 Mins 5k race pace with 90 secs recovery pace

2 Mins 5k pace, 60 secs recovery

60 Secs  5k, 30 secs recovery

30 secs 5k, 3 Mins recovery


2)     5 sets of 3 mins 5k race pace, 90 secs recovery.

5x 2 mins 5k race pace, 60 secs rec.

5x60secs 5k race pace, 30 secs rec.


3)      6 mins race pace, 3 mins rec

5 mins race pace, 2mins rec

4 mins race pace, 2 mins rec

3 mins race pace, 90 secs rec

2 mins  5k race pace, 60 secs rec

60 secs 5k race pace, 60 secs rec

4x 30 secs 5k race pace, 30 secs rec


4)      Hill session: 6x long hill (300-400m), 8 to 10 x short hill (100-200m)


5)      6x 1mile repeats at 10k race pace with 3-4 min jog.



6)      3x 2mile repeats at 10 race pace with 5min jog recovery.


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